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Life Force : Vulnerable Series

2011 - ongoing

porcelain, copper, glass, mixed media, various dimensions


Life Force is about taking risk. About precarious balance. About the fragility of life. About the certainty of death; anything that can break, will eventually break - it’s just a matter of time. Inevitable. But it is not a futility. You enjoy it as it lasts. You make the best out of it. It is also about the value of fragility. So fragile, so delicate it is precious. So precious you want them to last. So precious you are afraid of damaging them. So precious you just want to smash them and be free from the worry of damaging them. Life Force and Death Wish.


It implies the tender trepidation in the process of creating the extremely fragile pieces, the painstaking attention demanded. A light and firm touch is a must. There is an awareness of the risks being taken. There is an acceptance, a kind of surrender to let go should the piece break at any point of its life: during the shaping of the forms, during the refining process, during the firing, during the unloading after the firing, during the extricating process, during the storing, the packing, the transporting, the shipping, the setting up, the showing, the taking down, the packing, the transporting, the shipping, the storing and so forth. About inner peace. Being peaceful among uncertainties, among things on precarious balance, among the risks of being alive.

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