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Lie Fhung, artist

Based in Hong Kong. Born and grew up in Indonesia.

Art making is my way to contemplate and to bear witness to personal stories. For me, the act of creating is a matter of existence and survival. This, the primal urge to create - a continuous struggle to flesh out my visions, to release them out there; to let them touch and be touched by others. To spark connections, to expand, to inspire.

Nature with their macro and micro glory. Intimate matters of being human: hidden layers within our dreams, memories, bodies, emotions and drives. Their intriguingly complex depth is the source of my awe and inspiration.

To realise my artistic visions, I explore whatever medium speaks to me; from paint and porcelain to metal, fabric, and digital prints - which are often presented in the form of installations - and very recently, video.

Besides art making, I also create jewellery for FHUNG artistmade and design digital scrapbooking products for Ztampf! digital artistry.  Whenever the opportunity arises, I enjoy working on graphic design projects as well -  be it online, digital or prints. Since October 2019, I am working as an Art Director for TheBookshop at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

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