various spices from Indonesia, copper

60 x 126 cm

created for "Flavors of The 17,000 Islands" event, Preserve Indonesia & Asia Society Hong Kong Centre

Rivers by Lie Fhung ©2017 | various spices from Indonesia, copper | 60 x 126 cm

Like flowing rivers, spices travel from all over the world bringing peoples and cultures together. Diverse tastes developed over centuries collide and give birth to new culinary gems, forever growing and mutating, enriching our palate and our life. Through meals shared amongst friends and strangers, we are building bridges across nations, ethnicities, races and beliefs. The gifts of nature to humankind that keep on giving.


© 2015-2018 by Lie Fhung

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Rivers - at AMMO, Asia Society HK

special displayed for the event "Flavors of The 17,000 Islands" - Preserve Indonesia with Asia Society Hong Kong Center, May 2017